Laws of the Legion

As a mercenary regime governing a perilous region of the galaxy, the Aurodium Legion is compelled to enforce a simplistic penal code with draconian forms of punishment. Unwise individuals who violate the laws or goodwill of the Aurodium Legion will be imprisoned or executed without trial.

  1. If, at any time, an individual commits an action that is interpreted as hostile, aggressive, or illegal, the Aurodium Legion will immediately terminate the individual and confiscate his/her vessel. Lawlessness and disregard for the Legion's authority will not be tolerated.
  2. All visitors to any sector, system or planet controlled by the Aurodium Legion must alert the latter government to their presence. Failure to notify the Legion of your presence in our territory may result in your arrest, imprisonment, and execution.
  3. In a time of war, all inhabitants of planets controlled by the Aurodium Legion may be conscripted in order to defend its territory or its property.
  4. Willful destruction of Legion property, terrorism against the Legion, piracy of Legion materials, espionage or conspiracy against the Legion, unauthorized transportation of weapons or materials within sectors or systems controlled by the Aurodium Legion are strictly prohibited.
  5. Vandalism, ownership or possession of illegal weapons, slander or libel against the Legion or its personnel, personal assault, possession of a legal weapon without a valid permit, possession of an illegal ID, murder, treason, kidnapping, robbery, blackmail/extortion, breaking and entering, bribery, destruction of property, fraud, negligent homicide, obstruction of justice, perjury, theft, forgery, possession of stolen property are likewise prohibited. Adultery, however, is permitted.
  6. Any sentient being caught behaving in a less than trustworthy fashion will run afoul of the law.