High Command

Legate SoB Conners

SoB Conners began his career in the Aurodium Legion working in construction, continuously climbing the ranks until he was appointed Third-in-Command for his efforts within the group. Upon Dorn Zeke's retirement, SoB stepped up for leadership.

Prefect Hondo Maximus

Hondo Maximus began his career in the Aurodium Legion as a dirt hauler for the D'Este Realty team aiding in planetary development for the group. He moved up the ranks to infrastructure developement and eventually led the Tapani Starship Cooperative before being appointed as Second-in-Command of the Legion.


Advisor Dorn Zeke

Dorn Zeke founded the Aurodium Legion after working for an independent mining organization known as D`Este Realty, which was later absorbed into the Legion as a nationalized subsidiary. After several years leading the faction, Zeke retired from his position as Legate to become an Advisor.

Tribune Kay Dallben

Kay Dallben joined the Aurodium Legion to work on their prouduction department. His ample knowledge soon granted him a position in Training and Education for the Legion and its newer members. He currently leads the Tapani Starship Cooperative.

Tribune Qard Sharq

Quard Sharq was amongst the founding members of the Aurodium Legion after working at D`Este Realty with Dorn Zeke. Sharq now leads the D`Este Realty subsidiary and founded the Aurodium Force Kinghts, a group of Force users within the Legion.

Tribune Bam Tay`lor

Tribune Dru Snotz

Dru Snotz began his career in the late Galactic Commerce Collective, a mining corporation, and climbed the ranks to the point of becoming the leader of Bilbringi Shipyards, their shipwright firm. Both factions were eventually absorbed by the Aurodium Legion and Snotz' hard working nature sonn earned him a position in the Legion's High Command.

Tribune Troy Yoyort