Ex Gladio Victoria

[Victory through the Sword]

About Us

The Aurodium Legion is an organized contingent of blasters-for-hire who patrol the Farlax Sector and deem themselves outside the bounds of normal society. Their services can be hired for a price and they can be trusted to fulfill their contract, but one should not count on their loyalty down the road if it is not in their interest.

In a galaxy torn asunder by Civil War, there are many independent mercenary units whose services are available for hire. Independent corporations, planetary governments and fabulously wealthy private citizens often hire mercenary units for self-defense, and in some cases, to settle long-running disputes. Thought to be unwilling to spread its resources too thin, the Aurodium Legion takes a different approach – offering its services solely to existing governments that are able to afford their lavish retainer fee.

Of necessity, the Legion only takes part in legal missions, such as defense from pirates and to suppress rebellion on a world. However, several of its members may privately undertake missions that skirt the limits of planetary laws.